About us

CoBrA GALLERY was founded in Shanghai in 2021. The name CoBrA is derived from the European avant-garde art movement of the same name in the mid 20th century, which advocated the idea of blending art and life through experimentation to achieve the unity of form and expression. The gallery’s founder Yiu Wong, has carried this philosophy through her own art collecting career. She with her designer husband, Cola, has indirectly contributed to the development of the European mid-century design furniture industry in the Chinese market through their extensive international collecting experience.


As a collectable design and art gallery, CoBrA GALLERY weaves the concept of avant-garde along with that of classic, creating possibilities for the overlap and reflection between contemporary art and modern design. Around the axis of “collectible design”, CoBrA GALLERY seeks a balance between aesthetics and function under the principles of scarcity and originality, and explores the intersection of art and life through a multi-directional dialogue between space, furniture and people, thereby awakening the viewer’s intuitive sense of the beauty of materials and design, and thus generating a unique perspective on the aesthetics of life.



 Founder   Yiu Wong 


After studying and working in Paris for many years, Yiu Wong returned to China to enter the Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Humanities,studying art marketing and collection management. She worked as the art director of “Bazaar Art” magazine and Yuntu Yinghua, and has more than ten years of experience in the art industry and art project operation. Yiu is passionate about art collecting and all other beautiful things.



 Co-Founder  Momo Lu


Momo Lu has years of international contemporary art market experience with various art resources and brand resources. Lu worked at several leading art institutions such as China National Academy of Painting, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Yuntu Yinghua. She frequently promoted Chinese artists in the international art market, and participated in the planning of various art IP projects such as “Art of Love” and “Fengtang Paradise” .


 Lu is responsible for the daily operation and management of the gallery.