Dorothée Loriquet

Dorothée Loriquet was born in Paris in 1962 in an artistic environment. Destined to a career as musician she joins the conservatory to study the cello. A few years later, overtaken by a passion for clay that animates her since childhood, she abandons everything to devote herself to ceramics. She goes through a complete training and sets up her studio to pursue her personal research. She now lives and works in Gennevilliers near Paris. Her work has been selected by biennials and international competitions or have joined private collections in France and abroad.

The real difficulty in elaborating this construction game is finding and maintaining perfect balance throughout to enable the piece to make these turnarounds on each anchor point. The spectator therefore sees not one work but several, thanks to the varied possibilities of its positioning. Indeed, the artist repeats them to the point of breaching the material beyond the constraints of gravity. She creates her pieces by coiling, a technique that is extremely risky in her case as it involves making a completely open structure and creating a balancing game between voids and solids. 


It is worth mentioning that each of Loriquet‘s ceramic sculptures is unique and cannot be reproduced due to its intricate design and hand-made process. This makes the artistic and ornamental value of her works go hand in hand.